"Painstaking devotion and love, Surrendered to self preservation, From others who care for themselves. A blindness that touches perfection, But hurts just like anything else." Model: Das Fräulein Fuchs Hair & Make-Up: Das Fräulein Fuchs
I met up with fellow photographer Kai Cuno, some of you might already know him as he's assisting Steffen Stilpirat Böttcher from time to time. We found ourselves on a park deck on top of Hamburg-Altona and I snapped a few shots of him. All of these have been shot with a 35mm lens
I love to walk through cities and just shoot along. So I did in Lisbon a few weeks ago, here are a few shots I took. I haven't done this for, forever as it feels, at least not in Hamburg. Maybe I will do it again sooner or later but it feels much more interestig to explore new ci
Jay travelled to Hamburg from her hometown close to Düsseldorf so we could shoot this IN PRIVACY-session. We had a fun day at the Kogge, the hotel/bar where she was staying. As you can see it's making a great location. All of this, again and like always, is shot with only availab
I spent the last couple of days in Barcelona with some friends, enjoying the summer, riding our bikes, having good food and watching (and one of us, Johanna, participating) in the RED HOOK CRIT 2014. We had a blast. Maybe you enjoy the photos. As I was there to enjoy life without
"And our eyes are saying more than we can talk and warmer than our bedroom sport and your thighs are kisses from the outside" Another "IN PRIVACY"-session I shot recently. And again, it's another photographer in front of my len. This time it's Maria who invited me into her f
Even starting this off with the headline "models wanted" makes me feel a bit strange as I don't like the term "model" in general as it's connected with certain standards and visions people have if beauty that I don't (always) agree with. This being said: I'm looking for people (f
"Imagine there's no countries It isn't hard to do Nothing to kill or die for And no religion too Imagine all the people Living life in peace..."
"She said, 'Never forget me' as if the coast could forget the ocean.." I spontaneously shot this set of images with Christine last week and I really like the outcome of it. Christine is a photographer (check her work) herself and it's always something special to photograph a pho
"Give in to lust, give up to lust, oh heaven knows we'll soon be dust" - The Smiths A series of images I shot a while ago in May 2014. The first time I worked with Kira. Really enjoyed this shoot as she's a very open-minded person with a lot of interest into art and willing to
Als Charlotte mir vorschlug eine Session in der Natur, im und am Wasser, zu fotografieren, war ich von der Idee direkt hin und weg. Dazu auch noch der Plan es früh morgens zu machen um allein zu sein und den Sonnenaufgang und damit schönes Licht mitzunehmen, grossartig, und das s
Gestern fand in Hamburg zum ersten Mal ein "Rad Race"-Event statt, das "Rad Race Street Hunt". Als Location für dieses Radrennen wurde der Brandshof ausgewählt, eine wirklich geile Location für so ein Event. Das Wetter war angenehm und lud ein lange in der Sonne zu verweilen. Gef
Zum dritten Mal habe ich dieses Jahr den Fisherman's Friend StrongmanRun fotografisch für den Veranstalter dokumentiert. Das Sport-Event am Nürburgring ist jedes Jahr ein Termin im Kalender auf den ich mich sehr freue, denn es ist schon etwas besonderes zu sehen, wie sich 12000 M
Ich hatte euch vor ein paar Tagen schon einen kleinen Film gezeigt, den ich mit Anna aka Froilein Lebkuchen in der Superbude St. Pauli geshootet habe. Dieser war aber nur Beiwerk eigentlich und daher nun ein erstes Set an Fotos, die an dem Vormittag entstanden sind. Vielen Dank a
Ich habe mal wieder mit Anna aka Froilein Lebkuchen gearbeitet und weil wir noch etwas Zeit hatten in der Location (Danke auf diesem Wege an die Superbude St. Pauli), habe ich mich mal wieder an einem kleinen Video versucht. Angefixt durch meinen Kumpel Alper, mit dem ich am Aben